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   Shandong Helon Polytex Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is the backbone enterprise of ----- Hengtian (China-Hi-Tech Group Corporation) Helon ,he first listed company in Weifang, Shandong. It is the leading enterprise in scale, variety and equipment technology of curtain canvas industry in China. At present, it covers an area of 353,000 square meters, and its annual production capacity is 40,000 tons of industrial yarn, 40,000 tons of dipped tire cord fabric and 15,000 tons of dipped conveyor belt fabric.
   The main production equipment polyester industrial yarn production line, straight twisting machine, double twisting machine, parallel machine, warping machine, loom, tension type creel and double bath dipping production line are imported from Japan, the United States, Germany, Switzerland. Developed and produced HMLS industrial yarn , ordinary and HMLS dipped polyester cord fabric, EP conveyor belt fabric、NN 、polyester 、aramid fiber 、 glass silk 、dam fabric and other products, widely used in rubber tires、triangle belt、conveyor belt、rubber hose、bulletproof suit, rubber dam and other products production, selling in more than 10 provinces, cities and more than 100 enterprises, exported to more than 30 countries and regions.
   The company constantly develops new products and strives to be the pioneer in the research and development of rubber skeleton materials. It is the only designated "Fiber skeleton Materials R&D Center of China Rubber Industry Association" by China Rubber Association. "Shenlong" brand polyester cord fabric, EP conveyor belt fabric, high mold and low shrinkage radial tire skeleton materials have been rated as "National new products" and "National Famous brand products". Aramid fabric won the national innovation award to fill the domestic blank; HMLS radial tire skeleton material and impregnated EP canvas won the provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The project with an annual output of 6000 tons of high mold and low reduction industrial silk won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Petrochemical Association, the soft oil tank skeleton material won the second prize of science and Technology Progress Award, and the "Shenlong" trademark won the famous trademark of Shandong Province. The company was awarded "high-tech enterprise", 33 kinds of new products have won national patents, leading products polyester cord fabric, canvas won the title of Shandong Famous brand. Entrusted by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry and Ministry of Textile, the enterprise drafted and formulated the "Technical conditions and evaluation methods of rubber impregnated aramid cord fabric", "National EP and nylon conveyor belt fabric industry Standard for conveyor belt", "synthetic fiber conveyor belt Industry Standard for rubber industry". Participated in the drafting of "National Standard of polyester impregnated cord fabric for radial tires", "Standard of Heat-resistant conveyor belt" and other industry and national standards.
   Companies adhering to the "We help tyres and conveyor go to the world arena" .Vigorously carry forward the enterprise spirit of "loyalty, dedication and dedication", so that the company can continuously develop and expand itself, ensure to provide customers at home and abroad with high-quality products with information security, reliability, energy conservation, low-carbon, economic and sustainable development, and constantly meet the requirements of customers and society.
    In September 2021, Shandong Hailong Bolet Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. further integrated the ESG concept into all aspects of the company's strategy and operation. We have developed a comprehensive ESG strategy based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the company's vision and mission.
   Obtaining profits is the economic responsibility of an enterprise. Whether the enterprise can continue to obtain profits and develop steadily depends on whether it can well fulfill its social responsibility. Enterprise is the cell of society, and society is the support of enterprise; Enterprise development is a link of social development and also a part of the whole society. The company has redefined its strategic objectives: to be a leader in pollution prevention, health and safety, social responsibility and information security, and anti-bribery.





  [001]The HMLS polyesterindustrial yarn

[002]Series of dipped polyester tire cord fabrics

[003]Dipped Aramid tire cord fabrics

[004]Series products of belting-fabrics and special fabrics

[001]The New Production line of HMLS Polyester Industrial Filament

 [002]Tire Cord Fabric Cablecorder

[003]Tire Cord Fabric Weaving Production Line

[004]Belting Fabric Production Line

[005]Dipping Production Line

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